Culture and Diversity

Culture + Diversity 

No Man's Land is a utopian space. Every Friday at 7 pm, people can tell, play and dance their own stories in a public theatre training. The participants are people of different ages, different backgrounds and of course different stories.
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About Us

The theatre group Niemandsland-First Aid Theatre was created in 1999.
At that time, the group performed its first play in the Kulturwerkstatt Kaserne as part of the project "Über die Grenzen" ("Across the Borders") of the Verein für Jugendarbeit Kleinbasel. Niemandsland has performed larger, high-quality productions with a changing cast on average twice in three years. In between the larger productions, in which all the players are involved, smaller short plays with a few players are repeatedly performed under the name "Drama Loco". Based on the idea of bringing theatre to the people, these often take place in unusual places (e.g. fitness room, bike shop, restaurant).
The main activity of Niemandsland, however, consists of the weekly theatre workshops that are held independently of the larger productions. In addition, associations, institutions, schools, companies and private individuals can call on Niemandsland for theme-specific performances and workshops.

Board of Directors

Project Manager
Davide Maniscalco
Tel: +41 78 708 21 37
Administration and treasurer
Pascal Miguel
Project Manager
Martin Boehnel
Sarah Lötscher
Website administrator and Association Activities
Mahmoud Al Hariri
Tel: +41 77 912 05 88
Contacts with schools
Monika Hess
Association Activities
Manuela Zeller

The Fisherman

The sea at night makes us very small. It transforms us into a big wave and we are like, we follow the moon. It whispers to us: Make your choice! The sea is a big mouth. It swallows and spits out stories: The wind brings us the salt of stories.


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Manuela Zeller

" Because it's always the moment that counts"

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"Refugees on stage "

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Martin Boehnel

" This time I want to tell something different "

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Barbara Rosslow

NPO Management

"Theatre No Man's Land offers poetic and authentic theatre that dissolves the boundaries between reality and fiction, between the familiar and the unfamiliar, and touches me deeply."

Thomas Kessler


Niemandsland" is a poignant chronicle of the present, with very topical issues of migration, generational disputes, love, flight and prejudice coming to the stage. And it is performed by and with those affected, condensing what they have experienced. This is good in a time of constant electronic overload - the real thing touches and connects, there are lively discussions and friendships. I'm looking forward to the new play and the many conversations and encounters that will also arise from it this time." 

André Affentranger

Managing Director Ecosolidar

"No Man's Land leaves no one cold. It is theatre 'par excellence': one hundred percent performance that inevitably confronts us with existential questions."


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