Basel Donations Parliament Award Ceremony

Basel Donations Parliament Award CeremonyMarkthalle, 29 October 2019The Basel Donations Parliament is an association and supports small, social projects in the Basel area. What makes it special is that donors decide which projects are supported in a democratic process. In public exchange meetings of the Basel Donations Parliament, they decide directly and democratically by voting procedure and in exchange with the project leaders on the allocation of their donations. At the 2019 Donation Parliament meeting, which took place in the living room of the Markthalle, a total of CHF 17,000 was donated to the following projects:Open Sunday Inklusion - Idée SportOpen Atelier Malinsel - Verein KunsttherapieVerein sur le pontTandem Perspektive - FreiplatzaktionAfter the meeting, members and visitors were able to enjoy the following

Café International

Café InternationalVerso - Union 26 September 2019The Language Center, the International Office and Bar Verso proudly present the third Café international event of the year: An evening of dramatic scenes - Frontiers of identity - open to all and sundry at the University of Basel. What to expect The Niemandsland actors will share their diverse stories from various parts of the world about identities and how these are experienced and transformed when encountering borders. In a series of poetic, ironic and dramatic monologues and dialogues, the actors dramatize experiences and reflections on the ocean and on land, by politicians who call

Horb'air Festival

Horb'air FestivalHorburgpark, Saturday 31 August 2019Niemandsland Late Night Performance (at 01:00h) at the Horb'air Festival. The Horb'Air Festival is a festival created together with young people. For 12 years, MJAB/R has accompanied various youths and young adults in the planning and implementation of the event. Since 2017, the Horb'Air has been a separate association. As such, MJAB/R is a partner, coaches the association and provides support for specific concerns. The MJAB/R is committed to youth-specific concerns at the festival. In small working groups with and for young people, the MJAB/R organises various tasks behind and in front of the stage. Among other things, a team for security and the

Imagine Festival 2019

Imagine FestivalTheatre Square, 8 June 2019Niemandsland plays as part of the exhibition "Facettenreich-Andere Geschichten" by scenographer Sonja Koch. The touring exhibition "Facettenreich" invites a change of perspective. Individual and yet exemplary narratives of experiences of discrimination are the core of the exhibition. Packaged in ten picture stories, they provide exemplary insights into the everyday life of people with a migration background.

Wild Growth Festival, Drama Loco

Wild Growth Festival, Drama LocoKaserne, 30 May 2019People from different backgrounds are on stage together. They tell their stories. These are as different as the people who have experienced them. They tell of dreams, desires and unrelenting realities. There are different episodes. The dream of a refugee, asleep in the waiting room of an office. The account of a young Syrian, of his flight through Europe to Switzerland. The tale of a fisherman from Sicily and the clear speech of a shipwrecked man. The absurd advice of a counsellor from the "help-yourself-hotline" for people who are discriminated against. All these stories add up to a big picture of the

Performance at the Union

Performance at UnionUnion, May 24 2019Dear friends Theatre No Man's Land is turning 20! On 24 May we are throwing a party! We'll be at the Union, as we are every Friday, from 7pm. Come along and celebrate with us! You can expect performances from Theater Niemandsland as well as music with a touch of Klezmer from Shlamazel Tov. We look forward to seeing you! Theatre group NiemandslandPhotographer : Claude Hofer

International Day against Racism

International Day against Racism.Elisabethen Kirche, 21, March, 2019Podium on the topic of racial profiling with Nahom Mehret Yvonne Apiyo Brändle-Amolo Basel-Stadt Cantonal Police and scenic sequences performed by Theater Niemandsland, incl. statement by Tonja Zürcher, votes from the audience and Stop Racism A moving evening! Thanks to all who were there. Listen to it: Saturday 23.3. at 16h, Sunday 24.3. at 10h on Radio X.

Theodor Church Fluctuation

Theodorskirche Fluctuation2018 TheodorskircheNiemandsland plays short episodes that have emerged from the training. Characters and stories are fictional and partly a poetic enactment from everyday situations of refugees. They are also ironic reflections on power relations in our society. Some of these short episodes are also a "product" of our training on the topic of "identity". The actors wear a mask, which face is the real one?


Home25. May -10 June 2018Niemandsland (Theatre, Culture + Diversity) plays "Home" a story about the eternal search for freedom. "When you have an enemy, life quickly makes that clear and everything gets sorted, then you know where the big problems are." (Home, "Muud"). Concept: No Man's Land. Lyrics: D. Maniscalco. Video M.Gioco. Live music: A. Tonni and V. Rondelli. Sound design: F. Maniscalco.

Performance on the theme of community

Performance on the theme of "CommunityStation Circus" at Dreispitz, 28 October 2017

Reclaim Democracy

Reclaim DemocracySeptember 2017Discussing the issues of cultural diversity and social cohesion, two important elements for a vibrant democracy, is the "common thread" of our performative episodes in "Reclam Democracy". They are different stories: People from Turkey, Kurdistan, Syria, Switzerland, Morocco, Italy, Yemen (etc) sit together at a table. They celebrate together how beautiful life is in their homeland, where democracy rules and makes people happy. It will all be just a dream, the dream of a refugee, asleep in the waiting room of an office. A young Syrian's account of his journey to escape, through Europe to Switzerland. The story of a fisherman from

Imagine Festival 2017

Imagine Festival 2017June 2017Niemandsland plays short episodes that have emerged from training. Characters and stories are fictional and partly a poetic enactment from everyday situations of refugees. They are also ironic reflections on power relations in our society. Some of these short episodes are also a "product" of our training on the topic of "identity". The actors wear a mask, which face is the real one?

Performance fluctuation

Performance-FluktuationHolzpark Klybeck, 6 May 2017Theater Niemandsland opens the exhibition with a performance from the production "This is not my Story". Facets of real experiences of flight, of parting, being on the road and arriving are told with an artistic approach. An evening of theatre that offers space for personal encounters.Photographer : Nicola Vavassori

Run against the borders

Run against the bordersClaramatte , 17 September 2016Niemandsland plays a performance as part of "Running against the borders". The actresses ofNiemandsland will "interview" the visitors of the event in the role of "migration authorities".

This is not my story

This is not my storyUnion, 4 and 5 June 2016With "This is not my story" we wanted to tell the story of a flight from Syria to Switzerland; not as a realistic 1:1 depiction of the events, but to show the different aspects of the flight experience through different episodes and images (e.g. emotions like fear, despair, hope). The play is inspired by the story of one of our fellow actors from Syria in particular, but also by other first- or second-hand stories of flight (we currently have about 5 fellow actors with such or similar experiences).


SternenwürmliJuly & September 2012Adventurous Kibbitz and timid Momoll, two luminous worms, are best friends. Kibbitz's big dream is to become a star one day. But everyone says that this dream is impossible. When Kibbitz and Momoll learn that part of their friends has suddenly disappeared, their adventure begins. They decide to go in search of their friends. Their journey leads them into the large and unknown forest, where they meet all kinds of different creatures. They help Kibbitz and Momoll in their search. Slowly they uncover the mysterious disappearance of their friends. Will Kibbitz and Momoll

Esperanza "The Night Falls on Esperanza"

The Night Falls on EsperanzaMarch 2010The relationship father-son as the core of a family drama is the leitmotif of this sailor story. The conflicts between Captain Grove and his son, the light sailor Axel, tell of the longing for the father, of the search for images of masculinity, of the dissociation from paternal pre- and heroic images, and thus of the search for one's own identity. The existential fears are almost physically represented by the narrow cargo spaces. Alcohol consumption determines the pace of life on the ship, night and day intermingle with nightmares and hopes. The night becomes a metaphor for insecurity, while the day is focused on itself.

Volare, oh oh - a tango in a coma

Volare, oh oh - a tango in a comaNovember 2007The piece "Volare, oh oh - a tango in a coma" is a dream. Volare is the antithesis of the pace of life. The longing for sensuality, freedom, happiness. The search for the escape that frees us from the pressures of everyday life. What happens when a person does not meet the demands of society? When he adapts? When he goes his own way? Can he escape the addictions? When does dependence become addiction? When the margin becomes too narrow, the spirits tango. Cast: Francesco Rizzo, Florentin Meyer, David Widmer, Anne Zwahlen, Deborah Renz, Sandra Rezai, Reto

Butterfly Blues

Butterfly BluesJune 2006Sometimes freedom tastes like the blues.This haunting play by Henning Mankell, best known for his crime novels, is about refugees, discrimination and human rights. It is not about the refugees as persons. The relationships between the two female roles and the other characters in the play provide the basis for understanding the current political structures of society and their power relations. The two main themes are discrimination by skin colour and discrimination against women, and the gap between the real and philosophical world of human rights. Actors: Alfred Hullai, Ann Zwahlen, Christina Hadaoui, Eliane Müller, Gisela van der Wejden, Miriam Ellenbroek, Maurizio Speranza, Mohammed Rezai, Francesco

Hotel Kleinbasel

Hotel KleinbaselApril 2005 "Hotel Kleinbasel or my last days as a ferrywoman" premiered in Basel and Lörrach in April 2005. A journey into the future... The play by Theater Niemandsland interweaves politics, everyday life and dreams. The initial situation takes the audience to a Kleinbasel administered by the EU and the Swiss federal authorities. A project called "integrative Kleinbasel" causes Kleinbasel to become an object of exchange: Kleinbasel is ceded to Germany. A wall is built along the Rhine. Against this background and this bizarre idea, the individual fates are developed, which no law in the world can do justice to at the same time.Press commentaries: "The players know what

Lysistrata's Last Dance

Lysistrata's Last DanceSeptember 2003Lysistrata's Last Dance a play based on Aristophanes' classic "Lysistrata" (400 BC): wild, raw, violent, pure and tender, the very normal human madness. The theatre crew "No Man's Land" shows these contradictions in living together honestly and powerfully. No low blows are spared, every flight of fancy is a delight! Everyday coexistence in our society is difficult. Different cultures, different genders and a policy that prescribes integration as a compulsory measure. "Lysistrata's Last Dance" is a play that deals with the understanding of democracy and gender relations. Press comment: "with a lot of bite and surprising wit" (Basellandschaftliche Zeitung, 16.9.2003) Actors: Chiara Cavelti, Vuk Djurovic, Annik Freuler, Pascale Gisin, Jean-Yves Landolt, Eliane Müller,


Clandestino6. February 2002Clandestino - A play loosely based on A. Miller's "A View from the Bridge". A story about legality & illegality, love & jealousy, norms & values. Edi Carbone, owner of a pizzeria, hires an illegal Kosovar. The staff of the pizzeria is looking forward to the new work colleague. Kat, the niece, too, by the way. But no one would have expected what this means for the team at the Carbone pizzeria.Press commentary: "There is hardly a performance in the Swiss theatre scene that is more socio-politically topical than Clandestino - interplay in which there are no winners in the end. (Baslerstab, 6.2.2002)Actors: Vittorio Finocchiaro, Richard Isenring, Francesco Rizzo, Erdem Sahin, Engin Tasdelen, Barbara