Café International -

Café International

The Language Center, the International Office and Bar Verso proudly present the third Café international event of the year: An evening of dramatic scenes — Frontiers of identity — open to all and sundry at the University of Basel. What to expect The Niemandsland actors will share their diverse stories from various parts of the world about identities and how these are experienced and transformed when encountering borders. In a series of poetic, ironic and dramatic monologues and dialogues, the actors dramatize experiences and reflections on the ocean and on land, by politicians who call for more walls and by those who ask themselves: “Can I remain who I am?” After half-an-hour of performance, members of the audience who are interested are invited to participate in a workshop with movement and music: if you want to join, come in comfortable
Contributors Actors from Theater Niemandsland
Photographer : Michael Waser, Audiovisual Producer